Help Save an American Music Icon: Tin Pan Alley is about to be lost

tin pan alley

Tin Pan Alley's influence cannot be summed up quickly or easily; this one block was the place where musical commerce combined with multicultural creative collaboration, and changed the course of American music. This was where, for the first time, music companies learned to go out to the public, rather than let the public come to them. Blues, Broadway, Jazz, and Latin music – all of it was spread for the first time as popular music from this one block known as Tin Pan Alley. And as Tin Pan Alley influenced American music, American music in turn influenced the world. The composer W.C. Handy – known as "The Father Of The Blues" and the first African American publisher of his own material – worked on Tin Pan Alley. Irving Berlin and George Gershwin–both sons of Russian immigrants–started on Tin Pan Alley, as well as the greats Fats Waller and Cole Porter. Singers as diverse as Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Jolson and Fred Astaire all sang music originating from Tin Pan Alley. Whenever you hear contemporary music, it is likely to be descended from Tin Pan Alley roots: The Beatles were influenced by Elvis Presley, who, in turn, was influenced by The Blues, the music of which was originally spread to America from Tin Pan Alley. And so on…
The buildings left on the block of 28th Street known as Tin Pan Alley are the remnants of the origin of one of America's greatest cultural legacies. They deserve to stand as a testament to future generations of what great legacies can originate from one small corner of New York.

It's time to preserve this heritage and landmark Tin Pan Alley.
This site is a collaboration between the 29th Street Neighborhood Association and the Historic Districts Council to inform, educate, and inspire action on preserving this important site. If you are interested in helping us to gain protection for this important block, please sign our petition to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at https://www.change.org/petitions/nyc-landmarks-preservation-commission-landmark-tin-pan-alley
If you want to get more involved, participate in the discussion or want to get more information, email the 29th Street Neighborhood Association at adm@29streetassociation.org , The Historic Districts Council at hdc@hdc.org , or 29th Street Neighborhood Association project head Leslie Hendrix at leslie.h@29streetassociation.org

More information about the 29th Street Neighborhood Association can be found on our web site http://29streetassociation.org

Attention Musicians, Writers, Producers

If you have any ties to or affiliations with the musical or performing arts community, your letters are especially important. Because we are asking for cultural landmark status for Tin Pan Alley, it is paramount that we show its cultural importance and heritage. This makes your opinion and affiliation invaluable. If you play the American Songbook, jazz or are involved in Broadway, you can personally attest to the legacy of Tin Pan Alley. Please mention your role in the performing arts in your letter. A sample latter can be downloaded below and personalized. Letters may be mailed to us at the 29th Street Neighborhood Association, 115 East 34th Street, #366, New York, NY 10156. Letters can also be e-mailed to us to us as pdfs or Microsoft Word files. Our e-mail address for this project is: leslie.h@29streetassociation.org
And be sure to pass this along to all of your friends and colleagues!

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